Designer Perfume Wax melts and Designer Inspired Wax Tarts

Home fragrancing is on the rise and is here to stay. People like their homes to smell refreshing and cosy and in order to achieve this, they use different ways and methods. 10 years or so ago oil burners were used with some water and a few drops of their favourite fragrance oil or essential oil, things started to evolve and in today's homes, people use reed diffusers, electric diffusers, automatic air fresheners and of course candles and wax melts and wax tarts. I believe wax melts really took off due to Yankee Candles, and now there is a huge demand for them.

We at the perfume parlour have also started selling designer-inspired wax melts which are also known as wax tarts. The beauty of buying wax melts from perfume parlours is that we don't just sell the wax melts in fruity fragrances but rather you can have designer perfume wax tarts and that's where we are different. With already attractive pricing, if the order is over £30; will you get free postage and all orders are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. click the link below to access the designer fragrances available in scented wax melts

Designer Perfume Wax Melts

Wholesale designer wax melts are also available, please contact us for pricing