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Our Long Lasting Cheap Perfumes Are On Average Saving Our Customers £2000 A Year, How Much Can You Save?

Thank you for visiting the Perfume Parlour, the largest cheap perfume clones, dupes, smell alikes, perfume oil and fragrance oil seller in the UK and possibly Europe.

At Perfume Parlour, we pride ourselves on offering value for money for our copycat fragrances. Despite our low pricing, our facility takes additional precautions to guarantee that the quality of the scents is never compromised. All our perfumes, clones, replicas, dupes, and smell alikes are long-lasting, with a strong top note, middle note, and base note. With Perfume Parlour products, you will emanate a lovely aroma all day.

Your scent identifies you! Considering this, Perfume Parlour has created a broad assortment of perfumes, cheap aftershaves and other related products in the UK that smell like brand perfumes, so you may express yourself with your trademark aroma. Be brave, gorgeous, trendy, and much more confident with our inspired designer scents, browse our assortment and acquire your favourites perfumes, clones, replicas, dupes, smell alikes, and fragrances at hugely discounted prices.

From our inception in 2004, there has only been one objective and passion, and that is to deliver cheap perfumes at an unbelievable price, fast forward 18 years and even in 2022 we still remain true to that passion. Our pricing model has always been to give as much value as possible to our customers and the biggest proof of that is that some items are still priced at £2.25 for a 3ml bottle, the exact same price has  been in place for 18 years, can anyone show us a comparable business who has held prices for a product for such a long time?

With the passage of time, many many companies have started offering their own cheap perfumes, dupes, smell alikes, perfume clones etc. and the irony of the situation is that these companies have realised that people are willing to pay more, so they have done exactly that and charged customers more. So when customers compare our prices to our competitions, they feel our competition are offering a better quality product wherein actual fact, our product is higher in quality and lower in price leaving the customer in a WIN WIN situation. Please don't be deceived by our modest pricing structure and don't let other sellers make a clown out of you!  

This is the million dollar question, and a question everyone asks when they hear about us and our copycat fragrances, the thing is that when people use a fragrance or perfume, they want it to smell nice and they want it to last a long time and even though our copycat fragrances fully live up to both these points, we always answer this question by saying that our opinion will be biased and I don't know of any business that will say that their stuff is no good and not to buy from them, so the easiest way would be to check our numerous reviews online about our smell alike perfumes which are completely unbiased and we have never paid anyone to leave us a positive review, you can check our Google reviews here, you can see our Facebook reviews here, you can see our Trustpilot reviews here and finally you can see detailed video reviews on Youtube here. With all these unbiased reviews you will surely be able to decide if Perfume Parlour's cheap perfume clones, dupes and small alikes are any good or not.

The process of reverse engineering anything with a smell is to run it through a GC-MS machine, which will in turn produce a chromatograph which will enable a skilled perfumer to read the chromatograph and see the different peaks which represent different raw materials used in the composition, and then the perfumer reconstructs the fragrance. As you can see there is a skill involved in this. I know what you are thinking, why are some perfume replicas different to the original, best way to explain this is that you are travelling from Leicester to London, there are maybe 5 ways to get there, each route will take you to London but the journey will be different, in the same way a fragrance can be created in different ways, and this is why the end result sometimes differs, sometimes the perfume replica smells even better than the original fragrance and obviously vice versa whereby the original remains untouchable, and to be honest there have been many occasions where a customer from buying our clone perfumes has moved to buying the original because they loved our version soo much.

As mentioned, even though some customers move onto buying the original fragrances, the vast majority just can't justify spending hundreds on a bottle of fragrant water and that's where Perfume Parlour comes in with their stash of perfume clones and dupes, our perfume dupes and smell alikes can provide you with a very affordable stepping stone into the world of niche perfumery. I mean lets face it that the niche perfumery scene has really changed over the last 10 years and there have been certain game changer fragrances like Creed Aventus and Dior Sauvage that have really set the bench mark. Perfume houses are releasing fragrances left, right and centre so it hard to keep up and you need a high pile of cash.

Due to our pricing structure and how the fragrance community has moved, its become very easy and affordable to try many new fragrances through our perfume dupes and clones, not only are you able to try different and latest fragrances at low prices but you are also getting a decent quality IFRA compliant fragrance, and once you have found your signature scent then you no longer have to buy any perfume knockoffs and if you want to you can purchase the original branded perfume.

Our objective from the very beginning has been to offer a wide range of products like perfume oils, sprays, extract sprays, candles, wax melts, hand washes, body lotions etc. and also to have a broad selection of fragrances to choose from, and this ambition has led us to become one of the largest perfume stores in the UK. After finding your signature scent, you may decide that you are happy just buying perfume clones, dupes and smell alikes and you can carry on exploring new scents and fragrances without having to make a huge dent in your bank balance.