Copycat Fragrances The Honest Truth

Copycat Fragrances The Honest Truth

So you are looking for bargain fragrances and have stumbled across copycat fragrances and you are hearing that you can practically get a fragrance that smells pretty much like a high end niche perfume but which costs a lot less. Well you have heard correct and my aim is to help you make an informed choice before spending any money of copy cat fragrances.

The term copycat until recently was mostly used by kids in the playground, when one kid sees another copying them, they would call them a copycat, and now it has started to be extensively used for perfumes and fragrances. More specifically for those fragrances that are actually inspired by another fragrance and the copycat fragrance tries to mimic the said perfume in all aspects, like the top notes, middle notes and base notes.

Let me tell you the honest truth about smell alikes, and thats regardless of which clone house has released them, the truth is that they will not be a 100% match, you will always notice subtle differences between your favourite perfume and the copycat perfume you are interested in. Another point to note is that the level of difference you are able to pick up varies from person to person, so on one hand, Joe for example may feel that a dupe fragrance is a complete match; whereas Michael on the other hand, when shown the exact same fragrance will differ with Joe's opinion and will say there is a difference and the cloned fragrance is way off. So be prepared for this, and first try a sample of the copycat perfume you are thinking of buying before committing to a full sized bottle.

Another factor to consider when purchasing copycat fragrances is that the packaging is very minimal, most often than not you will only receive a bottle, without any fancy boxing or packaging, some people really enjoy the full presentation, so if you are a presentation person, and really want to enjoy the full experience then maybe replica fragrances are not your thing, but if you are not bothered about the box and presentation and you only want the "juice" to be on point then inspired perfumes will be your thing.


When buying copycat fragrances always due your due diligence with regards to the company you are thinking of buying from and also about the particular perfume you are thinking of purchasing because certain perfume clone houses may have a good product but their after sales/customer services really sucks, so if you have a problem after your purchase you will struggle to get it resolved, and with perfumery products, there is always a chance that the product might not arrive, or may get stolen in transit or it may arrive broken, so if you know a company has a good track record with regards to after sales service then you can be rest assured that any issues will be dealt with swiftly. Some companies have a good customer services record but the particular fragrance you want a copycat for is no good, so that is also something to consider, that you check online reviews and also youtube reviews, take reviews on a vendors website with a pinch of salt because there is no way to verify if they are genuine or not.

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