Se ruega a los clientes españoles que mantengan el valor de su pedido por debajo de 50 £, excluidos los gastos de envío, hasta nuevo aviso. I clienti italiani sono pregati di acquistare solo oli e di non acquistare spray fino a nuovo avviso.

PP Partnership

The start of 2020 has showcased certain events which have been life changing for us all; some however have been affected more than others, one thing is for sure, alot of people are finding themselves in a situation of uncertainty or have already heard the ill fated news that they no longer have a job, this is a sad reality many are faced with. As a possible direct result of this, we are receiving many many emails/messages/enquires/phone calls for wholesale, people wanting to have a go at starting a business, which is fine but its tough and in the current climate, its even tougher, a sad reality is that most people we have supplied wholesale to have never come back, most likely because the venture never succeeded and the effort they put behind their business went in vain. But if you partner with us, it can be a very different story because we are already a well established business with numerous reviews and testimonials online.

Its for this reason, we have launched the PP Partnership programme, over the years we have noticed that the biggest marketing tool we have is our customers; their word of mouth, a big chunk of business that PP gets is through recommendations, so we want to repay the very people who have been a fundamental part of our success and growth, and couple that with the fact that alot of people have ample of time on their hands and capacity to have a go at this, this seemed the ideal time to launch the PP Partnership programme, so how will it work?

Once you have an account with us and after signing in, if you hover over (My Account), you will see 2 new options on there, Credits and Referrals, if you then click on the Credits link, it will bring you to a page which will have a £0.00 to start with and will give you a link which you can use to start promoting us using facebook, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, twitter and other social media platforms or even face to face to your friends, family and colleagues, if someone buys anything using your link or code, they will get a 10% discount and you will get 10% commission from that sale, not only that, whenever this person spends anything on our site even if its after 1 year, you will still earn commission, this commission can then be used against any purchases you want to make with us or once it reaches £100 you can request a cash withdrawal into your bank account.

Not only that, if you are introducing us to someone face to face, if you give them your id (which is the number at the end of your link), and if they enter it in the referral ID box during registration, then that will also give them the discount and give you commission.

Things are still in its infancy with this, but we want to see first if there is any interest in this, and we can develop this further, if you are interested in this then all you need to do is copy your link from My Account and start promoting, if you have any questions feel free to ask via Whatsapp below or send us an email.

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