Se ruega a los clientes españoles que mantengan el valor de su pedido por debajo de 50 £, excluidos los gastos de envío, hasta nuevo aviso. I clienti italiani sono pregati di acquistare solo oli e di non acquistare spray fino a nuovo avviso.


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How soon can I expect delivery?

Normally we dispatch the same day or the day after, once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email confirming this.

However during busy periods, specially during November and December, we get really busy and dispatch can take upto a week.

Can I use the oil in candle making and for burners?

Yes you can

I want to purchase from you on a wholesale basis

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I have bought perfume oil from another website, how do I know if it is pure?

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Are your oils all natural? I have sensitive skin.

The oils are not 100% natural because sometimes synthetic chemicals have to be added in order to get an exact match on the designer perfume we are trying to recreate. Normally people with sensitive skin have a problem with alcohol because it is a drying agent and not the perfume itself, so you should not have any problems when using our oils, this has also been confirmed by a few emails we received from customer’s who had sensitive skin.

What is the expiry date on these oils?

There isn’t one, perfume oils are known not to expire, so as long as you don’t keep them in direct sunlight, they will last you a long time. However due to regulations, we put a 2 year date on it.

3ml does not sound like a big quantity, how long will it last?

Depending how much you use, but I would say a 3ml bottle would last you at least a month, if you use it everyday and apply as much as I do and that is a lot.

Will my skin become oily?

If you rub your palms properly and then apply it, it will not leave the skin oily.

How much perfume oil to apply?

I personally apply a lot and this is what I recommend to my customers. The oils I am selling are not that expensive so why not, you should apply enough to last at least the whole day.

How do you apply your perfume oil?

There are a few ways you can apply the oil. You can apply the oil all over the body after you have had a shower by rolling the perfume oil out in your palms, then rubbing them   together and then applying to the body. You can also apply the oil to the pulse points. But my favourite is to apply the oil directly to my clothes, again by rolling the oil out in my palms,  rubbing them together to ensure it does not stain and then rubbing my hands over my clothes, I do that at least 4-5 times, since the oil is not that expensive you can do that. By applying this way I have found the fragrance lasts longer and does prompt a few compliments as well ?

Why should I buy from Perfume Parlour?

Perfume Parlour is your only source in the UK for an extensive range of top quality, uncut designer perfume oils. Our oils are of the highest quality suitable to apply on the skin. All oils are kept in stock unless we have sold out of an oil unlike other sellers that will place an order with their supplier after you have placed an order.

How are the perfume oils made to smell exactly like designer perfumes?

The exact notes are achieved through a process called gas-liquid chromatography.

What about quality?

We have sold 1000s of perfume oil bottles and we have never received a single complaint about quality. Customers have always been very surprised as to how good the perfume oils actually are.  The perfume oils don’t have any fillers like alcohol, ethanol or water so you are just getting pure perfume oil for your money, hence making the perfume last for hours.

Why should I buy perfume oils and not the actual EDT?

Perfume itself is not very expensive at all, but when you buy off the high street, you are you are paying for the expensive packaging, a huge mark up for the designer and the retailer and all the marketing costs. When you purchase an oil, you are not expected to cover all the overheads and hence they are cheaper.

Are you selling fakes?

The perfume oils and fragrances that we sell are not fake. For something to be fake, it would have to be identical to something. Our designer perfume oils just resemble the fragrance and there legally is no copyright on a smell, anyone can make a fragrance and market it. Even retailers like Next and M&S sell perfumes under their own brand, but when you take a closer at the fragrance, it indeed smells like a high street designer fragrance

What is the postage charge?

For orders under £30.00, it is £3.00 and anything over £30.00 is free. For orders outside of the UK unfortunately there is no free postage and you can view the total costs at checkout.

Can sprays be sent abroad?

Yes we have recently started sending sprays abroad. We can send to most countries including USA and Canada, if in doubt please email us before placing an order.

Full postage costs will be shown upon checkout as it depends on weight.

Who is responsible for international postage and any fees/taxes/customs charges/fines?

It is the customers responsibility to check what the taxes/duties are in their country. Customers will have to pay for it. Also if recepients refuse to pay they will be responsible for any charges incurred. The recepient will be fully responsible for any losses incurred or if there are any charges if the item gets returned to us.

Pefume Parlour has no knowledge of worldwide taxes and implications, hence cannot be held responsible for any charges incurred.

Are there any charges for returning products

A 20% restocking fee will be applied to products that are returned.

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