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Iso E Super - The Golden Ingredient Changing The Face of Perfumery

Iso E Super

What Is Iso E Super?

Iso e super is a synthetic fragrance that is used in many perfumes and other beauty products like shampoos, soaps, deodorants, etc. If you know anything about perfumes and fragrances you have probably heard of this game changing ingredient . It is one of the most widely used synthetic perfume ingredients. It is also called OTNE (Octahydrotetramethyl Acetophenone). It is a synthetic ketone molecule.

Iso e super was founded back in 1973 and the fragrance has only improved ever since. It was first popularized by Christian Dior, after its success, many major perfume makers started using this synthetic chemical in their scents. Now, most of the perfume brands use this key component in their fragrances.

It is unisex, used in both masculine and feminine scents but because of its depth and heaviness, it's use in masculine perfumes is more common.

Iso e super is quite peculiar in its smell as it is different from most of the natural fragrances. It adds depth and smoothness to the scent of the perfumes it is added to. When blended with quality ingredients it can elevate the smell of any fragrance.

The interesting thing about this molecule is that you might not smell it but everyone around cannot ignore its aura. Its scent is enhanced by the warmth of your skin. It smells different for everyone, it blends seamlessly with the skin's natural odour and creates a characteristic scent. On people with no body odour of their own, it might smell like nothing.

The Magical Aroma of Iso E Super

This marvelous aroma chemical cannot be confined to one category of scents, it is unique with a velvety smoothness. It has a dry, woody smell with floral notes. It has some sandalwood and amber notes to it as well. Because of its depth and smoothness, it's use is primarily in masculine fragrances.

Describing its scent in words is not the easiest of jobs but if you have ever smelled a perfume and felt a woody undertone to it. It is most probably iso e super.

It is highly unlikely for you to see the name of iso e super on the bottle of a fragrance because it doesn’t have a specific scent of its own, it rather acts as an enhancer for the scents present.

With its immense use in perfumes nowadays there are bound to be some disasters, sometimes blended with the wrong ingredients or used in excessive amounts, iso e super can lose its smoothness and smell rather bitter and more like rubbing alcohol. But mostly perfumers have perfected its formula and they have learned how to use it in moderate amounts to accentuate a fragrance.

Iso e super has a similar effect to the release of pheromones (chemicals released by an animal to attract the opposite sex) due to which it is very appealing to the opposite gender.

Some people are allergic to iso e super and it irritates the skin of allergic individuals. This allergy can be tested with a simple patch test.

Iso e super has been a revolution in the perfumery world as it is one of the first and only synthetic fragrances that was so widely welcomed and accepted due to its unique properties and the endless possibilities it brought to the table. Before its popularity, synthetic fragrances were considered low quality and inferior to natural scents. That changed with the discovery of iso e super as it offered a deep luxury aroma. Today many high-end perfume brands are using it as a key constituent in their perfumes.